Home energy monitoring systems


Home Energy Monitoring Systems (HEMS) will be distributed in all Local Authorities with the purpose to increase awareness of energy use, stimulate adoption of low-carbon technologies and allow for evaluation of effects of low-carbon technologies.
The distribution of HEMS will be linked to all work packages in the Triple-A project: HEMS will be promoted through the web portals of Local Authorities and in the pop-up stores. They will also be distributed among participants in demonstration exemplars. In the latter case, the households will be asked to allow access to data from their HEMS for evaluation purposes. Effectiveness of low-carbon technologies will then feed into the information on the web portal.  
 Preparatory action plan

  1. Scoping: Specification of HEMS
    Triple-A will determine which HEMS are available and assess which ones have most effect on household behavior and on their willingness to adopt low-carbon technologies in their homes.
  2. Designing
    The equipment, software and application of the selected HEMS will be upgraded. The selected HEMS will be tested during a period of 2 months to evaluate them and prepare for a larger scale implementation, which shall result in an implementation procedure for the Local Authority partners.

  3. Implementation and monitoring
     The partners will promote the use of HEMS through the web portal and pop-up centres and will install the selected systems the real-life demonstration exemplars: 200 in Picardy, 75 in Breda, 100 in Mechelen, 100 in Kent, 50 in Rotterdam, 10 in Antwerp, 50 in Oostende and 20 smart meters by Eandis. Regular surveys based on a common process will be conducted for further testing of HEMS as a method to increase awareness and stimulate adoption of low-carbon technologies among homeowners.

  4. Sustaining:
    Based upon the obtained conclusions and specifications, an implementation guideline for HEMS will be developed for other Local Authorities.  

Guidelines will be developed during the course of the project and will be stored here once finished.