Modules for
web portals


Web portals of Local Authorities will be strengthened with the purpose to increase awareness of and easy access to low-carbon technologies.
The web portals will support and reinforce the actions of all work packages of the Triple-A project: they will be used in the pop-up centres, promote the use of home energy monitoring systems and connect with real-life demo exemplars.

In the Triple-A project, we refer to web portals as specially designed websites of Local Authorities that serve as the single point of access for their citizens, offering specific information about the reduction of CO2 emissions in their area. E-tools, like web portals offer great advantages: they are available 24/7, easy adaptable, provide lots of functionalities and offer a large outreach.

 The Triple-A project develops web modules that strengthen Local Authority's own websites, allowing quick scans to assess which technology suits best with the homeowners’ needs and resources.
 Preparatory action plan

  1. Scoping:
    Current web portals of each Local Authority partner will be assessed. Peer review, feedback of local actors, good examples of state of the art web portals, etc. will be used to design tailor-made extensions (i.e. web modules) of current portals.

  2. Designing
    This activity combines the knowledge of persuasive marketing and website technology and encompasses the production of:
    • The design of a modular web portal whereby the 5 most effective functionalities for more engagement and adoption of low-carbon technologies are integrated
    • A web-based tool to assess effectiveness of low-carbon technologies
    • A guideline for implementation of the modules and assessment tool

  3. Implementation, monitoring and evaluation to ensure increase of impact through web portals:
    Local Authority partners will implement one or more web modules to extend their current web portal and will monitor and evaluate them for further improvements.
    Furthermore, the (indirect) effect of web portals on the reduction of CO2 emissions by the adoption of low-carbon technologies will be assessed by monitoring data of the visits, user surveys through the web portal and focus groups with consultants who use the web portals in their activities from the pop- up centres and demonstration exemplars.

  4. Sustaining:
    A general business model and guidance for self-supporting web portals will be developed, refined for the national context of Local Authorities in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK.  

Guidelines will be developed during the course of the project and will be stored here once finished.